10 relay-controlled outputs
Mounting: DIN rail, 6M, 106mm
Dimensions: 106 x 108 x 58 mm
- General purpose discrete (ON/OFF) lights
- Automatic corridor and stairs lights
- Door-bell
- Managed sockets
- Bathroom and other single speed fans
- Managed appliances (boiler, oven, electric cooker, etc.)

General description:
The discrete light controller LC-10-IQ is HIQ intelligent expansion module primarily used for controlling discrete (non-dimmable) lights. Featuring high power relay output, it can control other consumers too (mains sockets, heaters, fans, etc.). LC-10-IQ can be used as stand-alone or part of the integrated system, when connected to one of HIQ Home Controller. Many features are available in the stand alone mode, while advanced features like scenes, scheduling, smartphone operation, internet connection are only available when connected to the appropriate Home Controller.

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